Welcome to the Secure Hosting Integration Guide

The Secure Hosting (SecureHosting) ecommerce gateway platform provides a secure, simple method of processing credit, debit or payment card transactions as well as PayPal or ClickandBuy e-wallet transactions from your website or payment system. The SecureHosting system provides a simple, straightforward payment interface which allows you to process real-time transactions with your merchant acquiring bank. The SecureHosting system supports merchant sites by simplifying a whole range of services, in particular the system encrypts and safely stored the card details to ensure safety and security and reduce the impact of regulations on the services you offer. This document explains how your website or payment system can integrate to our SecureHosting platform, along with its related features and start processing payments in real-time.

Your SH Username and Password

The username which you use to log into your SH account is also your Secure Hosting account number (i.e. SH2XXXXX). This will never change and cannot be changed either by yourself or upon request to us. Once registered with Secure Hosting you will be provided with a temporary password for your account. You must change this password as soon as possible by following the “Forgotten Password” link on the login screen. In order to remain secure, your password must be a minimum of 7 characters in length and be alphanumeric (contain both letters and numbers). Your password will expire every 60 days. During the last several days of each 60 day period you will be reminded upon login that your password is due to expire. You must then follow the “Forgotten Password” link again to reset your password, making it different to a previously used password.

Basic Requirements

What you will need to complete the integration process and to start processing payments:

  • A merchant account with a supported bank that is configured for internet channel. For a list of our supported banks, please see Appendix A or click here.
  • A PayPal or “Click and Buy” account is optional but required to support the specific e-wallet partner.
  • A secure hosting account.
  • A website /webshop to initiate the payment process, and knowledge of how it is built/operates.
  • Skills in HTML mark up.
  • Skills in CSS styling and JavaScript are optional but recommended.
  • A HTML editor.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Access to our test cards (details in Appendix C).
  • The estimated time to integrate is between 1 hour and 1 day depending on the developers skill and experience.

Overview of how the integration works

The end goal is for the cardholder to get to a "Pay Now" button and be able to choose their payment type and pay quickly and easily without abandoning the cart, ensuring a secure and fast transaction.

There are two different ways of taking payments:

  1. The Hosted Form method where the customer is redirected from the final checkout page on your website, to a fully customised and styled payment page hosted on our PCI:DSS compliant ecommerce environment.


  1. The API method allows the customer to experience a smooth, uninterrupted checkout on your website. Your website will capture the payment details and submit them directly to the SecureHosting system for processing.



If you wish to provide a checkout flow, for your customer, that keeps them on your website, or if you have a service providing system which requires payments and you don't mind taking on PCI:DSS compliance than we recommend the API inte$

If you want a simple, quick and easy set up which has the minimum amount of requirements for PCI:DSS compliance then we recommend our Hosted Form integration, the most commonly used integration into SecureHosting.